HAJJ 2019/1440


Al- Ehsan Group are proud to do services for hajj for 24 years.

Departure date will be on 27/07/2019 evening to Al-medina Al-monawara,  and the return is scheduled  16/08/2019

Short period we have limited seats on  03/08/2019 Return will be `17 August

Accommodation in Medina Al-Munawara

We will be staying in Dallah Tiba hotel 3 minutes from Haram near women gate with open buffet from the hotel 

Accommodation in Mecca Al- Mukaramah

Accommodation will be in new building in Alazezia area, this will ensure the hujjaj are more relaxed because the building is a 10 minute walk from the Jamarat-Mina and making hajj duty easy to perform .we have been in that building last year and people find it very good and review that was the best location .

We may have services to Haram alsheref according to Saudi authority regulation,

Mina and Arafat

We will stay in the air-conditioned European tent with special services include mattress in Arafat and sofa bed in mina .with meals and drink during our stay

And you can take the advantage of our accommodation near to mina and jamarrat during this period

Religious Scholars

By the grace of Allah the group has been recognized for the many religious Clerics that accompany the group. They provide lectures, tours and spiritual guides to the mosques throughout the trip.


Meals are served as a good meals three times a day, they are prepared fresh.

Fruit and drinks are constantly provided all day.

Prices £4100 long period short period £4150 and Manchester £4150 with special service in Arafat and Muna which include air-condition and mattress with 3 meals in Arafat and Muna and tent inside Muna border.

To register please call now




MANCHESTER:- 07916164971

dralbatat@hotmail.com         www.alehsan.com

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