Al-Ehsan group for Hajj 2020

Al-Ehsan group for Hajj 2020
Al-Ehsan Group are proud to present for the 25 consecutive years.
The program for the 2020 Hajj.

Depart on 18/07/2020 to Almadinah Almonawara

Return on 05/08/2020 from Jeddah
Short period we have limited seats.
Depart on 22/07/2020 
Return on 05/08/2020

the final schedule will be decided according to the airlines
Accommodation In Medina:-
We will be staying in Dallah Tiba hotel 3 minute walk from Haram near women gate with 3 meals open buffet from the hotel for 4 nights and short period for 2 nights only
Accommodation in Mecca Almukaramah
Accommodation will in our building Al- Aziza area, this will ensure the hajjes are more relaxed because the apartments are a 15 minute walk from the Jamarat-Mina
Mina and Arafat
We will stay in the air-conditioned European tent
Religious Scholars
By the grace of Allah the group has been recognised for the many religious Clerics that accompany the group. They provide lectures, tours and spiritual guides to the mosques throughout the trip.
Meals are served as a buffet three times a day, they are prepared fresh.
Fruit and drinks are constantly provided all day.
Prices £4500 long period
short period £4600 with special service in Arafat and Mina which include air-condition and mattress with 3 meals in Arafat and Mina and tent inside Mina border.
For more information & register,

Please call now
0208 201 3057
020 8452 1269
Our address:-
Al-Ehsan for Haj & Umrah Ltd
Unit 2E, 2nd Floor
289 cricklewood
Mon to Fri
9:30 – 15:00

Mora Road Bus stop
Bus (16, 316, 32,266,245)


Al-Ehsan program for 2019

Supervision Dr Zuhair Albatat

Al-Ehsan Hajj and Umra are honoured to announce the details of this year’s program.

Umra Group in Rajab & Shaban

The group will be 

Departing on 29/03/2019

Retain on 09/03/2018 

Accommodation in Mecca will be in Hilton suit with in haram sheref yard

 In Medina will be in

Intercontinental Dar Alhijira

The price of the trip is £1400

The price Include :-

Visa, flight tickets,   Double room accommodations with breakfast

In 5* hotels both Macca & Medina 

Trips significant sites

There will be lectures to explain how to perform Umra & Majles for Imam Musa Alkadhem (A)

There will be group trips to visit all the significant sites in both Mecca and Medina.

You can perform two Umrah in Rajab and Shaaban and you will see the decrees washing the Kaaba on the first of Shaaban

7 days of the month of Rajab & Shaaban you will stay near Kabba Sharifa  

Travel with us and benefit from 24 years of experience in our service of pilgrims of Haj and Umrah.


Hajj 2019

We are now taking bookings for the coming Hajj, which will be from 

1- long trip 

£4100 from Heathrow 

£4150 from Manchester 



 2- short trip 

£4150 from Heathrow 



For further information and bookings please contact the numbers above 

Tel:     020 8904 4512