Al-Ehsan program for year 2018
Supervision Dr Zuhair  Albatat
Al-Ehsan Hajj and Umrah are honoured to announce the details of this year program.
Umrah Group in Rajab in Ester Holiday .
The group will be
departing on Thursday  05/04/2018 
retain on Sunday  15/04/2018 
Accommodation in Mecca will be in Hilton suit with in haram Sharif yard
In Medina will be in
intercontinental Dar Alhijira
5* Accommodation both in Mecca & Medina with breakfast only.
There will be group trips to visit all the significant sites in both Mecca and Medina.
The price of the trip is £1500
Hajj 2018
We are now taking bookings for the coming Hajj, which will be from
1- long trip 
 2- short trip 
For further information and bookings please contact the numbers above
Tel:  02082013057        07776143923